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Why is proofreading important? Attracting prospective clients visually (through advertisements and websites, for example) is only the first step in securing their business. Thereafter, clients usually seek more information and begin to read the accompanying text. This is where thorough proofreading is essential.

Just think of how a spelling, typing or grammar error would look to a potential customer. First impressions are important! Such oversights could cause your business to appear unprofessional and sloppy.

So if grammar, punctuation and spelling aren’t your strong suit, consider calling upon the eagle-eyed proofreader at Neogek to polish your message.


If English is not your first language or writing is not your field of expertise, opt for a copy-edit instead.

Copy-editing includes a more in-depth examination of the text (e.g., rewriting unclear sentences and ensuring smooth flow) in addition to the normal check for common errors (i.e., spelling, punctuation and grammar issues) .