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Punctuation. Those fiddly little marks. Are they really so important? Surely, it’s the words that matter when conveying your message.
Well, although your words are certainly significant, the punctuation used around your words can alter your meaning entirely.

For example, an English professor wrote the following words on her chalkboard:

She asked her students to punctuate the sentence correctly.

All of the male students wrote

All of the female students wrote

The moral of the story ...

punctuation is powerful!

why use a proofreader or copy-editor?

Proofreading and copy-editing may seem like an unnecessary expense to some. But are they?

Companies tend to throw money at making their advertisements and websites look appealing (and fair play to them), but attracting prospective clients visually is only the first step. Thereafter, clients want more information and begin to read the copy.

Just think of how a spelling, typing or grammar error would look to a potential customer. First impressions are important, and such oversights could cause your business to appear unprofessional and sloppy.

what’s the difference?

Proofreading involves a surface check for common errors (e.g., spelling, typing and grammar issues) whereas copy-editing includes a more in-depth examination of the text (e.g., rewriting unclear sentences and ensuring smooth flow) in addition to the surface check.

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If grammar, punctuation and spelling aren’t your strong suite, consider calling upon the eagle-eyed proofreader and copy-editor at Neogek to polish your message.

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