The First Three Steps to Finding a Good Web Designer

The First Three Steps to Finding a Good Web Designer

Whether you are looking to commission a brand-new website or simply update your existing site, be sure to do your homework. When choosing a web designer, be as selective as you would when finding a stylist to cut your hair or a school to educate your child. Use the following three steps to start the process of choosing the best person to design your website.


Stalk A Few Web Designers

Don’t worry, it’s not as seedy as it sounds … and you won’t even need a disguise! Ok, so you’ve got a few recommendations from family, friends and colleagues on their preferred web designer. Time to do some digging.

Check out their websites

Head straight to their Portfolio pages and have a look at some examples of their work. It’s like you are looking directly into their creative souls. If one project looks quite similar to the next, this is not the web designer for you! You don’t want a designer using the same template again and again like a cookie cutter!

Head to their social media pages

Reading between the lines, reviews from previous customers can give you an insight into the web designers’ work process, ethic and personality as well as attention to detail and deadlines.


Compare A Few Web Designers’ Response Times

Once you have a short-list of web designers, make contact. Send an email asking a question or requesting a quote. Potential customers should be king so the designer should want to make a good first impression. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours (personally, I prefer 12, but let’s be lenient here), cross them off your list. Sound harsh? Well, think of it this way, if it takes more than a day to reply to potential business, it will take even longer to respond to your queries once they have the job.


If Possible, Meet Up Face-to-Face

A few names left on your list? Try to arrange to meet for coffee and a chat to get a feel for the person. Your website will be an extension of and reflection on you as a person and as a business. So, you need to be sure that you gel with the person and can talk to him or her easily. If you find the person struggles to answer your questions or is quite rigid in their views … another one bites the dust! You are looking for someone who can communicate clearly, listen attentively to your ideas and be flexible enough to accommodate them in a creative manner.

So, who’s left on your list? Check back soon for our follow-up article on the next three steps to ascertain whether the web designers on your short list will cut the mustard.